Duronic Electric Kettle EK30 BK | 3KW Variable Temperature Control | BLACK | 1.5L Fast Boil 3000W Eco Kettle | Keep Warm Function | Energy Efficient | Insulated Cool Touch | Cordless 360 Base

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About this item ECO-FRIENDLY FAST BOIL: Not all tea and coffee drinks require water at the highest temperature of 100°c, however with a standard kettle you have no choice but to boil your water to the higher temperature (using more power) and then have to either make your drink with water that destroys the taste of the cup and also wastes power unnecessarily. With the EK30 electrics kettle you can boil water to the temperature you need, saving you time and money at the same time VARIABLE TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Easy to reach buttons on the handle of this kettle allow you to alter the temperature of the water you want to heat. Choose from 40°c, 60°c, 90°c or 100°c depending on what beverage you are making. 40°c is ideal for Lemsips and hot water bottles, 60°c is for unique coffees, 80°c is ideal for tea and coffee, and 100°c is for black tea and other herbal teas KEEP WARM FUNCTION: Another great function of this Duronic water boiler is that after heating your water you can press the Keep Warm button to keep the water in the kettle at the same hot temperature for up to 30 minutes. This is perfect if you usually like to go for second drink after your first one, of if you know someone else will want a hot drink shortly after you CORDLESS DESIGN WITH ADDED SAFETY FEATURES: For safety and convenience reasons we have designed this kettle to be cordless and have a 360° base which enables you to lift the kettle from any direction you wish making it idea for both left-handed and right-handed users. Additional safety features include auto shut-off and boil dry protection FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS: Cordless design. Quiet operation compared to other kettles on the market. Easy lift lid. Temperature settings 40-100°c. Visible transparent window to show indication of the water level. Concealed heating element. Notification beep lets you know when the kettle is finished heating. Strong stainless-steel spout filter. Easy to clean and descale. Power: 2500W-3000W. Jug capacity: 0.5L – 1.5L. Boil time: approx.. 3 minutes. Size: 26cm x 14.5cm (23cm with handle)

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‎23 x 14.5 x 26 cm; 1 Kilograms

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‎1.5 litres

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‎Duronic Electric Kettle EK30 BK, 3000W power, Fast boil, Adjustable temperature, 1.5-litre capacity, Keep-warm function, Ergonomic handle with easy-lift lid, 0.5L, 0.75L, 1L, 1.25L and 1.5L markings for easy filling

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‎1 kg



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20,206 in Home & Kitchen (See Top 100 in Home & Kitchen) 129 in Electric Kettles

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28 Dec. 2017

10 reviews for Duronic Electric Kettle EK30 BK | 3KW Variable Temperature Control | BLACK | 1.5L Fast Boil 3000W Eco Kettle | Keep Warm Function | Energy Efficient | Insulated Cool Touch | Cordless 360 Base

  1. Ido

    I had the same kettle for long time and decided it was time to replace it. I saw the range of price is huge. I wanted temperature control and this one seems to have reasonable price and good reviews. I have been using it for the last month and I’m happy to say it works great. Heat up quickly, temperature control is useful and I hope it will have at least the life span of the previous kettle.It would have been nice to have slightly louder been when boil but that’s not big deal.

  2. Slg

    I’ve replaced my Bosch kettle for this one and so pleased I did. There’s more choices for the temperature and it looks and feels like an expensive one.

  3. miss w chedworth

    This kettle is brilliant, quick top boil looks great too, I’m very pleased with my purchase.

  4. Amazon Customer

    The media could not be loaded.  I love this kettle. Coffee shouldn’t be made at 100 degrees. Although there is no setting between 80 and 100, I wait for the light at 100 to go off and this has been perfect for my coffeeWe have used the settings to keep water warm too for cooking etcIt us quite light weight, so easy to lift even when full, but this means that it does wobble a bit in the stand at full boil. Fortunately, the stand has a Ln outer walled ring that tge kettle sits in.Do I recommend it?…yes

  5. Linda F.

    I like this kettle l find the different heat levels very useful .Its great for a lower heat for a hot water bottle and if you have friends round for coffee it keeps the water at the same temperature so you do not have to reboil.It also handy for quick warm water for mixing sauces etc.It looks smart in red and black .The spout does not drip like my other kettle did.I would say that 80% is not hot enough for me for tea but with a hot tea pot the second cup at 80% is better. It is a little heavier then my previous kettle but l have got used to it.So l am happy with it and have found it more useful than l thought it would be. I would purchase a similar product again .

  6. S.T Parker

    I was most surprised by the kettle’s aesthetics, which don’t come across in the picture. An attractive design was peripheral, my requirement being functionality. Certain parts that I expected would be made in chrome were steel or another alloy. One does not expect such attention to detail in a cheap kettle.Nothing about the kettle seems cheap. I can well see this style of kettle becoming ‘the classic’ in place of the white jug type, which has become as familiar as the beige rotary phone and red call box.The boiling time is quick, astonishingly so on lower temperatures with only two cups of water, and this saves time I would spend using a thermometer. Yes, I know this sounds pedantic, but green tea needs to be the correct temperature otherwise it tastes like old oak leaves (how does he know that? I hear you ask).One thing that might confuse people is the temperature indicator. If you’ve boiled water to 60 degrees, you might wonder why the light points to 40 and 60. It made me think that I had selected both and they were somehow cumulative, as there is no option for 70 degrees. What I’m trying to say is it retains the indicator from the lower temperature.I am going to be picky here: I wish there was an option to select 70 degrees. You can’t have everything, as this is a cheap kettle.The stay warm function is not something i thought I would have any utility, but for those of you who are on international video calls and know the inconvenience of leaving the person on hold for a minute while you put the headphones/microphone aside and put the kettle (inconveniently beyond the span of the headphone cable) you will know of what I speak.The kettle is not too loud, but is by no means a silent kettle.

  7. 1234

    Bought the black version 9 years ago and it lasted all these years although I did need to use a strainer to catch the limescale for the last two years. This time I purchased the white version, it’s a great kettle, not at all noisy, love the different temperatures for boiling water. I researched for ages looking for a different one but the reviews were quite negative for other brands s I thought why go for different when I can have a newer version of the one that I’ve been extremely happy with for almost a decade. Highly recommend

  8. Maz

    Sturdy build, quiet, boils quick and adjusting the temperature is great as I like to drink my coffee soon, without waiting 30 minutes for it cool. The keep warm function is great as I don’t need to keep boiling it over and over. Some of the others we tried broke within a few months and we couldn’t return them.

  9. Aaron Coote

    It’s not normally a review I would do but I have to share my thoughts on this kettle as it’s an absolute gem.First off the colour of the kettle ,shiny black exterior and a deep red interior looks fantastic , the temperature controls on the top of the handle are very handy and accurate, it boils extremely fast and as I live in a very hard water area I have to descale regularly and the design makes it very easy to do so, as a typical household we have used many kettles in the past, of many shapes and sizes , and this one beats them all, simple design with handy extras, you will not be disappointed .

  10. Anne WissemannAnne Wissemann

    (Only just got this kettle, so I can’t speak for its durability.)Tested it out with a kitchen thermometer and it overshoots the stated temperature at 40, 60 and 80 degrees by 4-5 degrees each time (see picture). However, I think that’s probably a good thing since it’s gonna cool down a bit by the time you’ve poured it into a room temperature mug. After fussing around a bit and filling a mug, the temperature had dropped down to 78°C instead of the goal temperature of 80°C, so I think for my purposes it’s working perfectly – and probably for yours, unless you need it to be extra precise.It’s much, much quicker in heating up the water than our old cheap kettle, taking about 45 sec to heat up half a liter of ca. 20°C water to boiling. Was shocked our old kettle took over 3 min for the same task!Only potential downsides I can see so far:- The inside walls are coated all over in the red plastic. Can’t see any BPA free label, I hope it is BPA free, but either way I’d be happier if the water was in contact with metal instead.- Took me a sec to figure out how the buttons work (you select the temperature you want, then just wait without pressing a start button), but it was fine in the end and there’s always the manual if you get stuck.- Not a particularly pretty model, but you can see the from the pictures.Again, not sure how it’ll hold up long-term, but so far I’m really happy with it. Delivery was fast too.

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