TCL 50C641K 50-inch QLED Television, 4K Ultra HD, 4K Android TV Smart TV (Game master, Dolby Atmos, Freeview Play, Motion clarity, Hands-Free Voice Control, compatible with Google assistant & Alexa)

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About this item QLED: Quantum dot technology employs nanocrystals that emit light of specific wavelengths when excited by a light source, producing a wide color gamut of over one billion hues and shades, resulting in a vivid, true-to-life display performance that is unmatched by traditional LED TVs. 4K HDR PRO: By harnessing the power of quantum dot technology and combining it with 4K HDR PRO, the television delivers an unparalleled high dynamic range experience with precise color reproduction and stunning detail rendering, immersing you in a lifelike world of unparalleled visual fidelity. GAME MASTER 2.0: For gamers, a responsive TV is just as important as one with a good picture. With ALLM you’ll experience lowest latency and the best picture settings for gaming, automatically HDR multi-format: Stunning HDR whatever the source (HDR10, HDR HLG, HDR10+, HDR DOLBY VISION and DOLBY VISION IQ), allows for an exceptional HDR experience no matter the source material, delivering colors and contrast that are true to life and evocative of the creator’s intent. ANDROID TV: brings together movies, shows, TV and more from across your apps and subscriptions and organizes them just for you.

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26.5 x 111.2 x 70 cm; 12.62 Kilograms

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30 Mar. 2023

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10 reviews for TCL 50C641K 50-inch QLED Television, 4K Ultra HD, 4K Android TV Smart TV (Game master, Dolby Atmos, Freeview Play, Motion clarity, Hands-Free Voice Control, compatible with Google assistant & Alexa)

  1. Bronson89Bronson89

    It was time for me to upgrade a 5 year old LG TV, as it didn’t support Dolby Atmos natively and started to feel quite slow as well (blame the companies for not providing feature/firmware updates for older TV’s). QLED is the next big thing in panel technology, if you don’t wanna spend hundreds more for an OLED, this is a nice alternative beside Samsung QLED’s (although for much less)Design – the bezels are so much thinner than my older LG TV, it looks really sleek and modern. Small TCL logo in the center, small Onkyo logo in the right hand side. Subtle, simple design, not a fan of the brushed silver look on the chin, prefer matte black so it can blend with anything. The remote is my least favorite thing. This is probably the thinnest and longest remote in human history. It’s beyond me who thought this is what people want in their hands, it’s a prime example of bad use of space and features. It has a single shortcut button for Netflix – that’s it. No Prime, no Disney+, no Youtube. At least the buttons feel tactile and has a soft touch feel, doesn’t feel like a flimsy piece of plastic.Wifi – had zero issues connecting to the internet, first I tried by wire as I had issues with the wifi on my LG prior. I was surprised how fast this TV is on Wifi, I almost got the full speed out of my Virgin fibre internet, one less cable for me, now my TV is wifi only.Packaging – came fairly well packaged, but I can see why so many people received the item broken, it’s not really delivery proof. There was some nasty tape applied around the edges of the tv, it’s been difficult to remove, left a sticky residue, had to carefully clean with a microfibe cloth. TCL has something to learn from major manufacturers, this is not how you should present your product for the first time buyers.Features – this is my first encounter with the Android TV OS, nothing terribly wrong, or great about it. It has all the features I need, and feels fast enough, with some occasional lag (this can be down to the TV’s cheap quad core CPU), it’s more than usable for an average person, can be customized and it has a decent app store. Dolby Atmos/eARC was one of the main selling features for me, 3x HDMI 2.1 ports is a nice bonus, although the panel is 60hz only, but at this pricepoint, not a dealbreaker. It has all the ports a modern TV should have, no complaints. The menu is quite simple, some features are hidden so worth the time exploring every option as it can greatly improve the picture quality, I recommend turning off/down any motion smoothing, sharpening, noise reduction.Sound – the built in speakers are surprisingly good, I guess the Onkyo branding is not just a gimmick after all. You can easily get away with the built in speakers once tuned in the menu, they are clear and plenty loud with a surprising amount of bass. It’s obviously not going to compete with any dedicated Atmos soundbar/speaker, but quite nice to have this decent of a sound at this pricepoint. The Atmos decoding works well with my Sharp Atmos soundbar via eARC HDMI, no complaints there.Picture – we all have different taste in picture quality, some prefer warmer tones, some might want super saturated punchy colors. Out of the box this TV is quite good, but I had to make several tweaks until I was happy with it. This might be a limiting factor, as not everyone is capable/willing to dig deep in the settings menu looking for the perfect as possible picture balance. This QLED panel is superior compared to my old LG TV, the only section where it lacks is viewing angles, (the LG had an IPS panel, so excellent viewing angles, but not as deep blacks by the nature of the panel), there’s a slight color shift when viewing from the side, not a dealbreaker for me. Dolby Vision and HDR in general working very well, such a treat to watch HDR documentaries on Netflix, with a good audio system it’s really surprising how much value you get for the price, which is really nice considering other major brands how much charge for a QLED TV.Verdict – there’s plenty of better TV’s out there, but usually for much more money. This TV packs all the features and then some more to be a perfect candidate for anyone who’s looking for a nice TV without breaking the bank! Despite all it’s flaws, quite hard to nitpick when this thing cost 350£. The 2 year warranty gives you a piece of mind at least, this is my first encounter with TCL, I can highly recommend this TV to anyone for the price!

  2. aniela9

    First one came faulty, fast replacement sorted.This great, picture and also the sound…it can be super loud !Bit slow on start up but that’s the only negative.Loads app avaliable on it, no connection issues, very quick set up.Looked up on YouTube best picture setting and it’s perfect

  3. sj

    I am so pleased with this TV. I love it! The picture quality is great, with vibrant colours and the sound quality too with plenty of bass , not tinny at all. It looks sleek and I can access prime TV and BBC i player etc with ease. I am so happy with it.

  4. Tom Phillips

    This TV for the price is excellent watching moves and gaming is top notch and it’s on par with my Sony downstairs which costs more than double. Don’t stub TCL would definitely buy again. The sound is also excellent. System is quick and no lag with android TV. Very happy purchase

  5. Patrik

    Amazing product for the price . Works perfectly with both of my consoles . Really nice picture and sound quality . Can highly recommend.

  6. Benjamin

    Pictures quality is phenomenal! Sounds is amazing. I really love the smart features too! Best thing I’ve brought in years!

  7. trevor hulton

    nothing to dislike

  8. A.L. Muse

    It’s taken me ages to actually decide on a tv. I decided I couldn’t really justify the £1600 Sony were asking for a 65” set no matter how shiny, skinny and black it’s blacks were! At a third of the price came the TCL. It’s notThe same set obviously, but it’s colours are vivid, it’s sound is pretty good- I’m no tv aficionado but I can hear what the kids are watching in rich bass from the other side of the house so it just be fairly loud, oh and it’s blacks are rich and dark too.We had a little trouble setting up BBC iPlayer but we turned it off and pulled the plug, had a brew and it’d sorted it’s self.It’s a great TV, the eeriness of seeing things in very high definition is still a bit strange for me but I’m sure I’ll get used to it :)If you’ve got the spare cash then go get one of the big names, this however has just saved you over £1000 and by golly it’s good.My kids have stated that’s we now look rich and modern! -TCL, you an use that as a strap line if you want!Update April:Had the set for a bit now. Still happy with it, however every so often it jitters a bit. Almost a split second lag between scene changes in a show. Nothing major and def something that’s not bothering me in its daily use. I’ve also noticed it takes a little while to warm up; but in this instant society a bit of waiting could probably do us all some good.

  9. Katy

    Almost the most budget choice. It works well and the delivery is on time.It would be perfect for me if it could run on the Google TV platform instead of Android TV, which lacks new version updates. Anyway, but it is acceptable in view of the price.

  10. Nathan corkNathan cork

    It’s fantastic. I’ve had quite a few TCL smart tvs but this QLED is brilliant. Super easy to assemble and easy set up. Access to everything I want to watch. Alexa is great too. Recommend all day long

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