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Width: 290 Millimetres

290 Millimetres

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  • Aiibot Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Strong Suction, Thin Body Design, Low Noise, Pet Hair Clean, Good for Hard Floor and Carpet


    【Performance】Aiibot robotic vacuum cleaner has 800 Pa strong suction. High efficiency to vacuum the dust, crumbs, cigarette ash, dirt, and pet hair. Charging time: 4-6 hours. Cleaning duration: 40-60 minutes. Working noise of this model robot vacuum cleaner is lower than 72 dB. Please clean the side brushes and 200 ml dust box regularly to keep it working effectively.
    【3 Cleaning Modes】Aiibot robot vacuum cleaner has 3 cleaning modes of Auto, Random and Focus. Auto mode’s cleaning route looks like shape “L”, while Random mode’s cleaning route is irregular, Focus mode is with stronger suction and its sweeping route is like a square circle. You can change cleaning modes with remote controller (within 3-4 meters) to obtain the widest cleaning coverage.
    【Ultra Thin & Slim Body Design】Aiibot robot vacuum cleaner with 2.99 inches(76mm) ultra-thin and slim body design can easily vacuum the area under furniture, such as bed, sofa, and wardrobe. Suit for hard floor, wood floor, short-pile carpets, ceramic tile, and marble. Bring you a clean and neat home.

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