Subcold Eco100 LED Under-Counter White Fridge | Freestanding Refrigerator | Solid Door with Chiller Box | LED Light + Lock & Key | Energy Efficient (100L, White)

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About this item SUBCOLD TEMPERATURE PERFORMANCE – Premium Under-Counter Fridge with Advanced Compressor Cooling Technology Built in with Subcold Temperature range of 0 – 10°C [Adjustable Thermostat] Chiller Suitable for Food, Wine bottles, Beer cans, Soft Drinks, Milk, Snacks and Much Much More! QUALITY BUILD CONSTRUCTION – High Density Foam Injection Mould with High Grade Solid Foamed Black Door. Dimensions = (W) 486 x (D) 536 x (H) 833 mm. Net Capacity = 95L LOW ENERGY + LOW NOISE – Economical Energy Consumption with only 116kWh / Per Year and Super Low Noise Output – only 41dB Making it Suitable for use in Most Rooms in the Home, Bar, or the Office! COOLER BY DESIGN – Additional Features Include 3 Removable Glass Shelves + Internal LED Light + Security Lock & Key [2 Keys Supplied] to Keep the Contents of Your Mini Refrigerator Safe at All Times Even When Your Not Around + It Now Fits in Even More Places with the Reversible Door & Adjustable Feet! FULL CERTIFICATION + 1 YEARS FULL WARRANTY – All Subcold Products are Tested to High UK Standards with Metal Back and Come Complete with CE and ROHS Certification + WEEE compliance and includes a Full 1 Years Warranty Period for Extra Peace of Mind!
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Product Dimensions

‎53.6 x 48.66 x 83.3 cm; 21.5 Kilograms


‎330 Millilitres

Annual Energy Consumption

‎116 Kilowatt Hours Per Year

Freezer Capacity

‎100 Litres

Installation Type

‎Freestanding, Undercounter, Built-In

Part Number


Form Factor

‎Compact, Freestanding Refrigerators

Special Features

‎Reversible door



Defrost System


Door Orientation


Shelf Type


Number of Shelves




Batteries Required?


Manufacturer Warranty

‎1 Year Warranty

Item Weight

‎21.5 kg



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5 in Large Appliances (See Top 100 in Large Appliances) 5 in Mini Fridges

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Date First Available

22 Jan. 2020

10 reviews for Subcold Eco100 LED Under-Counter White Fridge | Freestanding Refrigerator | Solid Door with Chiller Box | LED Light + Lock & Key | Energy Efficient (100L, White)

  1. RobRob

    Ok, so I wanted to write an in depth review on the fridge for people as there seem to be a lot of fast reviews here, specially considering the sound which I’ll go into in depth here too.I bought this to replace my Husky Coca Cola mini fridge which was great but after 4 years the fridge packed in and I needed a new one, which after browsing around this was the one I chose.Delivery – The fridge was delivered quickly and earlier than expected, the packaging of the fridge was great, really well packaged and very easy to get out. The box slides off the top so the fridge is already out as opposed to having to try get the fridge out of a square box, it’s really good how it’s packaged to be honest and makes it so easy to open up.Location – I have this next to my bed on a carpet which is absolutely fine, I will go into the noise in a bit however the fridge looks absolutely fine next to my bed and works well; it’s a double bed with drawers at each side and the fridge is lower than the bed so isn’t overly tall next to these things and it looks really nice.Space – There’s a LOT of space in the fridge, more than you would expect!! As you can see from the photo’s I’ve taken a few things to give people an idea of the size. The bottom shelf is very spacious, the pint glass (UFC) is a full size pint glass which is metallic within the glass (it’s really nice actually from the UFC store) and the bottle is a 700ml bottle of Bailey’s so you can get a good idea of the size and space with how much room there still is with those items. The concern for me was being able to fit 2 litre bottle’s of pop (Pepsi, Coke etc. if you don’t say pop ha) however there is plenty of space for this easily and you can fit a full 2 litre bottle in the door compartment and in the fridge itself, there’s a lot of room so you won’t have any problem (as long as you haven’t packed the fridge with loads of other things) but you can get a lot in there alongside them very easily, it’s very spacious!!Coldness – This is fantastic!! I’m really, really impressed with how cold it keeps the drinks as it’s much better than my Husky fridge by far (I’m guessing most of you know how good Husky fridges are so this gives you an idea). I have the setting on 5 so just above the middle and it gives them that little extra coldness which is nice! The setting on 4 was ok, the drinks were getting nice and cold but being on 5 just seems perfect really and it’s honestly really good!Sound – YES! The fridge DOES make quite a lot of sound BUT a lot of the reviews here are a little over exaggerated in my opinion! When I first got the fridge and turned it on and heard the sound I was also like “Oh no, this is noisy like people were saying” and was concerned about it BUT it doesn’t really do it that long and I have noticed since it’s been setup for just around 2 weeks now it’s kind of calmed down quite a bit and did pretty quickly to be honest. When the fridge makes these noises it’s usually for about 5 minutes if that and then the fridge is completely silent the rest of the time, like really silent, you don’t hear anything at that point. Bare in mind I’m a very light sleeper and this is next to my bed but even on the first night of it being there it didn’t disturb my sleep and was completely fine! You do also get used to it as well so you kind of don’t hear it after a while, think of when you have a loud ticking clock in your room and eventually you don’t hear the clock anymore, the fridge is like this so where as the first initial reaction for most people (and rightly so) would be that the fridge is noisy, it’s really not as bad as you think and it does calm down to the point where you’d first hear the louder gargling noises people have mentioned when you set the fridge up which calms down to just a lower hum, then the rest of the time the fridge is silent; so if initially the sound seems a bit too much for you just give it time to settle and see what it’s like within a couple of weeks, chances are you’ll be fine with it and it’s really not that bad!I also think the sound is to do with the ice box because my Husky fridge didn’t have an ice box and I never heard these louder sounds (again, this calms down after the fridge has been settle for a while to just the regular hum all fridges make). I also noticed on the fridge downstairs which has an ice compartment that this fridge does this too which goes to show you only notice this when you listen for it, as otherwise it just becomes background noise but it does settle and it’s really not as bad as some people have made out at all in my opinion, I think a lot of these have been initial reviews as opposed to waiting a while and letting the fridge settle.Ice Box – This is really good!! I saw a review earlier saying someone put an ice tray in and two days later no ice, this is baffling because it makes ice perfectly well and pretty fast too! I now have a bag full of ice in the compartment which I’ve created from ice cubes with an ice cube tray myself in the fridge and it’s awesome!! It’s not the most spacious ice box (which is a good thing really as you want more space in the fridge) and the door doesn’t click shut like you would expect (this is not a bad thing, it’s made this way for a reason), it basically rests against the ice box naturally and it’s great. I will say however I did notice when putting the ice cube trays in that one or two near the door wouldn’t be as frozen but this isn’t a problem, just flip the ice tray round for a few hours and those cubes will ice so it’s a really great little addition to the fridge where you can store ice cubes for drinks as and when you want them.All in all it’s a really great fridge, the noise really isn’t as bad as made out and it is quiet most of the time; as well as of course it settles a lot and pretty quickly too so I wouldn’t worry about this at all. You’re not going to get a fridge that’s completely silent but you don’t even notice it, unless of course you are specifically listening out for it but that is the case with anything really. It’s very spacious, it’s packaged and delivered well, it’s very cool inside and really lovely for drinks (again, much better than my Husky fridge and that was good!) but I am really happy with the fridge and would recommend it.It also looks really nice and very stylish, plus the bonus of having a lock is pretty cool to stop anyone stealing your food and drinks so I’m really happy with it.I wanted to leave it a couple of weeks before writing this review to help people, specially with the noise thing that seems to be the thing it’s criticised for the most however I hope this has helped a few people in regards to if they want to purchase this or not.If anything changes, I will amend my review however as of now it’s been really good, works really well and as I say, I’m really happy with it and for £90 too at the time of this review for the 50 litre fridge, it’s an absolute bargain for money, so I hope this helps 🙂

  2. geoffwalters

    This is a great little fridge with more room in it than you think.The door will hold a four pint bottle of milk with ease.There is plenty of extra room on the door for smaller items, soda cans etc.The fridge compartment will hold a two litre bottle of cola laid flat with lots of room for other items.There is also a small freezer compartment for keeping food frozen or for making ice cubes.I bought this for my bedroom. A lot of reviews complain that it’s noisy but and keeps them awake. I think that it’s down to the individual. If you are a light sleeper then yes it could do when the thermostat starts up but it doesn’t bother me.All in all a very good fridge.

  3. Starry girl

    Two things…… leave fridge for twenty four hours to settle once delivered and make sure there is good space around the fridge when ready to use ….. sound level very quiet and set just over four on the dial. Very happy with results all foods, milk, vegetables just right cold …. Recommend

  4. Amazon Customer

    Was very pleased with the fridge we bought it for camping & does the job great! Was a little bit noisy when we first plugged it in at home after a while it stopped now you hardly know its on only used it once but so far its been a game changer

  5. CDbiggen

    Had this for about a month now for my bedroom and wow it’s great. Quiet, roomy. Love the can rack. Space for two 1 litre bottles in the door. Gets cold enough for all food. I barely use the freezer part however, so would’ve preferred the extra space.

  6. Jon Catt

    Pros: It has a proper cooling system just like a full-size fridge. It comes with an ice box for making ice cubes or storing small items in it. It’s handy to have a lockable fridge with some medicine. Not as loud as some people have suggested, I used to sleep with earplugs before I moved and had to share a room with the fridge and it’s not woken me once.Cons: The bars on the doors don’t stay in the position you put them in but it’s a minor issue, nothing that can’t be sorted out.

  7. John M.

    Fridge is fabulous..many thanks..

  8. missy6

    Well built nicely done good service

  9. Lady Mamma

    Serves the purpose, excellent value, looks nice 👌

  10. carole

    Absolutely everything I wanted it to be, my husband’s not well with just coming out of hospital with pneumonia so I’m staying with him in our bedroom, and all we needed was a small fridge for tea water and milk, it’s a good size and we’ve even got our choccy biscuits in it, it saves me from running up and down stairs, it’s everything we expected and more! Love it, thanks

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